Healthy Power Shake

I love Green Monster power shakes. Lately I’ve been making them in the morning and bringing them to work to enjoy after my early afternoon workouts. I really love the bright green color and the fact that it is super healthy. For the past few weeks, my go to shake recipe is simple and full of peanut butter flavor.

McKenna’s Green Monster Protein Shake

1 Banana
1 tsp Chai Seeds
1 tsp Ground Flax Seeds
1 1/2 Tbl Oatmeal
1 scoop Plain Soy Protein Powder
1 heaping tsp Peanut Butter
Drizzle of Honey
A big handful of Spinach
4 ice cubes
1 cup Plain Soy Milk

If you make this in advance, you may need to add some extra water. I find that if the shake sits for a couple hours it can get pretty thick.

Add all ingredients to the blender and blend on liquify for a minute or two to make sure all of the spinach is well blended.

Don’t be scared, you hardly taste the spinach at all!!


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Cool Coffee Latte

I wanted to start McKennaCooks with a new fresh post. It has taken me quite some time to sit down and actually write. I’ve spent many hours reading my favorite blogs and cookbooks trying to recreate these great dishes. I find myself sharing these recipes with my family and friends all the time so I thought, what a better way to share these great food finds then posting them on a new blog.

Earlier this week we had a farewell breakfast at work for one of our co-workers and good friend Cassie. Although she is moving on to greater and better things in NYC, she will be missed in Jacksonville. Since I knew there would be plenty of food, (we ate all day) I decided to bring “Cool Coffee Latte”. This drink takes some easy preparation and planning but the outcome is a great summer coffee drink.


Cool Coffee  Latte

From CookingLight 2008

1 3/4 cups medium roast coffee ( I used Caribou signature blend)

5 cups of cold water

4 1/2 cups 1% organic milk

1/2 cup fat free sweet and condensed milk

1 vanilla bean

Start by adding the coffee grinds and the cold water to a large bowl. Mix to saturate the coffee. Cover and refrigerate for 8 hours.

Heat both the milks over medium heat. Scrape the vanilla bean and add both the vanilla bean and the seeds to the milks. Heat for about 8 minutes but do not simmer. You just want the mixture the heat through. Cool and refrigerate for 8 hours.

In the morning, strain the coffee mixture through a cheese cloth. You should be left with about 3 cups of coffee concentrate. Remove the vanilla bean from the milk and add the the coffee concentrate.

Note: You can easily double this recipe for  larger crowd (which I did). If you are entertaining on the weekend Kahlua or Bailey’s would an awesome way to help start the day.



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